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Skillz Gap combines decades of experience in higher education, technology & business, to provide industry leading education tools for personal & professional development.

Our Team

Tim Dallman
Founder & President

Tim Dallmann has 10 years of experience in consulting specializing in strategic turnaround for non-profits and an established network with 250+ senior or executive level professionals around the US.  Tim is an expert on such skills as financial planning, forecasting, operations analysis, benchmarking, political and professional development, and marketing.


Dr. James Hunter
Vice President of Business Development & Chief Academic Officer

Jim Hunter has 17+ years of experience in higher education, specializing in recruitment & retention, corporate development and developing online education platforms.  He has a PHD from the University of Minnesota in Higher Education Administration and an extensive network in higher education and corporations nationally.  Jim has built & managed online learning platforms for organizations like Crown College, Cedarville, San Diego Christian College, & St. Scolastica


Kyle Profile
Kyle Pitts
Vice President of Course Development

Kyle is a specialist in strategic thinking, detailed research, project management, and proven versatility & openness to learn through continuing to be involved in start-up’s & innovative projects.  He excels in project implementation, market research & producing measurable results.

Interests: Photoshop, WordPress, Photography, Gaming

Ray Hansen
Vice President of Product Design

For Ray, the past decade has been an amazing journey that includes over 500 interactive events across the world, key leadership positions at Machine Dreams, Inc. and IML, a multimedia/web design degree, multiple social media management positions, and in July of 2010 his first start up – appE Productions Inc. Ray serves as CEO/Creative Director for Nathanael Productions LLC. Ray’s diverse background has allowed him to develop interactive software for many fortune 500 companies including ESPN, Pfizer, Walt Disney Company, UBS Banks, MasterCard and many more.

Interests: Gaming, Mobile, Interactive, Social,

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